Our Founders


Charlotte Block is a 14-year-old scholar and dancer.  She has worked to promote children for several years and has seen what Social Media has done both for good and bad to young people today. Her goal is to reach as many children in schools as possible with these positive messages.


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At 14, Lilia Buckingham was somewhat surprised to find herself with over 700,000 followers on Instagram. Through this, she has seen the good, the bad, and the scary side of having a "presence" on social media. The sudden notoriety gave her a quick and public lesson in the ups and downs of social media, and she wants to help others learn the valuable lessons she has, in a far less difficult way. 


At 16, Lily is a dedicated student and dancer who has, for many years, dedicated her time to community service.  Having witnessed friends getting burned on social media, she first aimed to educate her two younger sisters.  Now she hopes to broaden her impact by helping many avoid the pitfalls that are all too common.

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At only 13, Kenzie Ziegler has been hacked, impersonated, insulted, threatened, blackmailed, and more. But she has always stayed true to her fans and  never backed down from those trying to expose her private life and personal information. She is always ready to fight for what she knows is right and eager to make sure others don't go through what she has,

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Jack Buckingham is a 16-year-old who prefers a more private social presence;  as he has seen the damage it can cause. His focus is on being an athlete and a volunteeer; and helping other young people - especially boys- know that even though the pressure is strong, you need to make sure you are presenting yourself the right way on social media.

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Maddie Ziegler is possibly the most well-known 15-year-old today. With over ten million Instagram followers, her life is under constant scrutiny. She faces hackers, naysayers, and just plain old mean comments. She knows how hard that can be and is excited to use her reach to help young people feel better about Social Media. 

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