POSITIVELY SOCIAL is about helping young people use social media more POSITIVELY.  No more bullying, self-hate, exclusivity, body editing or just plain stupid behavior that you have to explain later.

Sure, we are against bullying on line- that’s a big part of Positively Social, but this is more than JUST anti-bullying. This is also about presenting the BEST you online. So that you don’t feel that every “like” matters, and helping you understand that what you see on social media shouldn’t make you feel bad about your life because it isn’t really real or that if you have to get 100 likes on every picture, and to understand what IS and ISN’T real on social Media.

Positively Social was started by a small group of teenagers who have not always had the best experiences with social media. They’ve been bullied, hacked, embarrassed, threatened, and even made some mistakes of their own. So they know what it’s like to have every detail of their lives dissected -- from what they look like, to what they eat, to who they wish happy birthday, to who they don’t!,

They started Positively Social to help young people learn how to present themselves positively on Social Media, to be a force for positivity and help promote social Media as a place for positive social change.


How to get involved

We want to spread the message as far and wide as possible! To get involved we ask you to do a few simple things:


Post on your own Social Media how you feel about online bullying and what you think young people need to know about behaving responsibly and Hastag PositivelySocialso we know you're part of our team!


Sign up for our Newsletter so you can be the first to know about what we are up to


Ask for a Positively Social Member to come speak at your school about these issues! We will get to as many as we can!


Make a small donation to help us spread the word through speeches, material development and more!